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Last Update: 10/12/2014
Welcome to the site of author Maynard Michael Clark.  

NEWS:  The release of my third book is tentatively scheduled for October 26th pending no other delays.

My second book "Letters from Homer" is currently available for sale.

At the end of the Kenai Peninsula surrounded by nature’s most breathtaking views is the seaside community of Homer, Alaska. Each October ships depart from the beautiful waters of Kachemak Bay to fish in the dangerous and unforgiving Bering Sea for king crab.

Like many wives, Lila Eisenbraun’s life changes as she says good-bye to her husband Joshua, waiting for his safe return along with the crew of the F/V Moonlight Sun from one of the world’s most deadliest professions. She remains resilient when dealing with friends and family. She carries with her a never-ending desire to acknowledge and respect the brave men who fish the sea but Lila wonders if Mother Nature will claim the greatest love she’s ever known.
Maynard Michael Clark's first book October Rain: A Journey of Survival is still available for purchase.



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